Chocolate Filled Cocoa Sandies


Perfect little cookies for an afternoon snack in a garden. The kids would like them very much. I had to make a double dose to be enough for all of us. Little chocolate chunks wrapped in cocoa cookie dough is anything but not complicated. The recipe I have got from my friend works for years and without any changes. Milk or an orange juice goes very well with those small delicious chocolate filled buttons :-)


Chocolate Fantasy

This is an easiest chocolate cake ever. Made without eggs and with yogurt… I couldn’t expect this cake to be this moisty and delicious. Prepared in 5 minutes or less and baked for 30 minutes… I almost forgot it in the oven, but the smell woke me up :-) Chocolate cake soaked with chocolate syrup and served to take you to heaven :-) I think that every neighbor of mine is curious of that tempting smell of freshly baked chocolate cake. :-)


Simple Pita Bread


Nice and fresh smell of baked Pita Bread woke my family up. “Just like from bakery” – they said with a good morning smile :-) Crusty edges from outside and soft and bubbly inside, freshly baked little breads for an early breakfast. I have stuffed Pita Breads as my loved ones wished for. So simple and practical for stuffing of all kinds. Cute little bags stuffed with your creativity and taste :-)


Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies


My son adores cookies of all kinds but these are his favorites. While I was baking these cookies, he was passing through the kitchen and steeling all those milk chocolate chips so after the fifth turn I had to put them away at safe place to have enough for the cookies. :-) I have learned something… Always buy extra milk chocolate chips for your son. :-) Little pecan cookies with spots of milk chocolate chips can be stored for a week if someone doesn’t eat them :-)

Quick & Healthy Breakfast


Just one slice of bread and a little bit of creamy spread is enough for a “Good Morning” meal. You have to start your day with something that you urge for in order to avoid eating it for dessert :-) When the sun comes out and your garden flowers open, sit on a comfortable chair and enjoy in every bite of this extremely delicious and healthy breakfast. You can enrich it with a glass of milk or a glass of orange juice – as you wish.


Homemade Pizza


Homemade pizza has a slightly different taste than one made in a pizzeria. The taste of yeast makes it different. I have tried to bake pizza using the bakers dough from the bakery and the taste became very much similar to the real one. Nevertheless, my own, homemade pizza is very tasty and when I bake it for dinner my family is happy. This Pizza is still warm and tempting, so I really have to go :-)