Chocolate Mousse Cake with Cherries


I had this cake for a few times and couldn’t forget it – that fluffy chocolate mousse with cherries here and there and that gorgeous chocolate topping. Once the name of this cake was Lúd Láb and I had it in Hungary. I have made this cake and I am extremely proud of it… :-) I have to brag about it – you will brag too if you make it!



Russian Cossack Hat Cake



Delicious dessert and tempting cake with white cream rolled in coconut flour and topped with chocolate glaze. Totally cool decorative sweet treat, not too complicated but needs a little bit of time and patience to make it. I have chosen this dessert to be on our table for this Easter and I haven’t been wrong. Creamy inside and a beautiful contrast of colors outside shows a perfect combination of taste and looks.


Princess Doughnuts


Irreplaceable dessert for any occasion, so tempting and delicious, crusty doughnuts and fluffy yellowish cream. Sometimes these doughnuts won’t come out so great. It is very important for the dough that the eggs are fresh and oven not too hot while you are baking them. This cream my mom made so soft and irresistible. I have seen creams that are really firm so the taste turns out differently. I can say that these Princess Doughnuts are the best!


Buns Wrapped with Ham and Cheese


My guys like salty snacks, especially stuffed or wrapped things with cheese and ham or hot dogs, so I had to bake these soft little buns wrapped with ham and cheese. I heard that if you put them in a plastic bag softness will stay ’till the next day – but I haven’t tried that because there was no leftovers :-) Just to mention, the procedure is not the complicate one, the only thing you have to be aware is the time for dough to double itself… and let your creativity do the rest. :-)



Danish Pastry Buns



A lot of my friends buy the frozen pastry, but I think that the best pastry is the one made by me, at home and from my ingredients. When you learn how to make it, the rest goes easy and quickly. You choose the stuffing and the taste or it can be empty and originally shaped. This time I have made danish pastry buns with salty cottage cheese stuffing and it came out very good and tasty. Just like from the baker’s shop – my mother in law said :-)



Turkish Sweet Yogurt Cake



This is easy to make and fast preparing cake for every day. I have got this recipe from a Turkish chef and I decided to bake it with a Turkish spirit. So soft cake soaked in sherbet with lemon gives everybody refreshing taste of citrus fruits along with a sense of originality. If you decide to prepare this cake, stick to the recipe and don’t eat the cake while it’s hot :-)